Welcome to Spana Life, purveyors of fine products from Spain. Spana Life has existed for over a decade in the hearts and minds of the Inchausti family. During a recent visit to Spain, we spent a month traveling and experiencing the Spanish culture, cuisine, and the vast beauty to be found in people, fashion, art, and geography.

We returned with arms full of goodies and hearts bursting with passion for this amazing country. We couldn’t help but share this passion with everyone around us.

Spana Life is about sharing our experience of Spain and encouraging others to experience the Spanish lifestyle in their own way. Americans have heard about the European diet for a while; but really it is the European lifestyle that promotes a healthy mind and body. Walking to a speciality shop for a small bite of food and a glass of wine. Meeting new people and making new friends with the same interest in quality rather than quantity. Small bites of explosive flavor. Complex sauces, fresh ingredients, ripe vegetables, quality meats, fresh fish, quality olive oil… are you salivating yet?

Our Inspiration

The grandchild of Spanish immigrants, Ron Inchausti was influenced by his Spanish roots very early on. He perceptively noticed the vast difference in the way his Basque grandfather would select and prepare food compared to his American relatives. A trip to the supermarket was replaced with specialty shops and butchers. Everything was made from fresh, quality ingredients – and time, time, time, went into preparing the most flavorful meals surrounded by family. After all, you simply can’t rush perfection.

Ron’s fond memories of his Basque grandparents cultivated a longing to experience and engage in the culture of his heritage. He has passed along his passion to his wife and daughter, and together they invite you to join them in learning about and experiencing the Spanish way of life.

There is no Spanish heritage required – if you enjoy fine wines and gourmet cuisine, stunning art, unique goods, and a healthy lifestyle, you will love what Spana Life has to offer.

We invite you to connect with us as we see, taste, touch, smell, and hear the Spanish culture and enjoy the sophisticated flavors of Spain.