Pi 2016 750ml
Pi 2016 750ml Pi 2016 750ml Pi 2016 750ml Pi 2016 750ml
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Pi, Red coupage 2015

To many Pi means the basis of of all mathematics and thus all things. When making wine one cannot avoid math. Mastery of science and math will play a key role in the success of all aspects of the wine making process. As a coincidence Bodegas Viña Puebla started with a simple blend of equal parts of the 3 varietals they are best known for, Cabernet Sauvignon, Tempranillo, and Syrah. Then aging of those for 16 months. It just so happened the alcohol level ended up being that magic 14% and voila! The fun label has a few easter eggs hidden but foremost is the nod to DiVinci, in the form of a bull, the long standing symbol of the Spanish strength. See if you can find the others. 

Viña Puebla

We visited this Bodega and fell madly in love with both the wines and the wine maker, Luis. His absolute passion for wine making along with his hospitality are legendary in the region of Extremadura. His creativity applied to winemaking is truly amazing. He breaks all the rules by doing things no other wine maker will even attempt. Each wine has that special twist that only Luis knows how to make work. 

Tasting notes: Dark fruit, high alcohol, spices of oak and wood, taste of soil and earth, cigar and tobacco
Style: Red blend wine

Vintage: 2016 

Varietal: 33% Tempranillo, 33% Garnacha Común, 33% Cabernet Sauvignon 

Region: Extremadura

Pairing: Almost anything, but we love it with pizza, pasta, steaks and even spicy foods.

Vinification and aging: Each varietal are fermented in concrete separately. Then blended and placed in barrels with the skins from their white garnacha (Mana) for 8 months. then placed in bottle for another 8 months.
Alcohol: 14%

Awards: Silver medal Mezquita 2016


Note: All purchases of alcoholic beverages must be made by persons over the age of 21.