Celtus 2017 750ml
Celtus 2017 750ml Celtus 2017 750ml Celtus 2017 750ml Celtus 2017 750ml
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Celtus Joven 2017

Celtus in latín, it is our homage to our ancestors. Our wine, a Celtic warrior ready for the battle

Vina Santa Marina

Vina Santa Marina was founded in 1999. The owners, hailing from Extremadura, were convinced that Extremadura, and specifically 8 kilometers outside of Merida, was the perfect location to embark on a new and unique project. They chose a 200 hectare estate at the foot of the Lamoneda mthere ountain range where there are 80 hectares of perfectly conserved Mediterranean woods. The mountains, woods, bodega and vineyard make for a truly beautiful setting that does not go unnoticed by visitors. While the holm and cork oak trees add to the picturesqueness of the area, the 61 hectares of vineyards give it freshness, enveloping the bodega, country house and grange in a simplicity and austerity that is characteristic of Extremadura. 

Tasting notes: it represents the grace, the joy and the verve of youth; fresh and full of color and aromas. “Violet cherry; aromas of red berries and notes of fresh grape skin and sweet liquourice. Gourmand mouth with sweet fruit tannins and hints of blackberries. Persistent acidity

Style: Red wine
Vintage: 2017 

Varietal: 100% Tempranillo

Region: Vino de la Tierra de Extremadura

Pairing: Aperitifs, pasta, fish, rice, smoked and meat. 

Vinification and aging: Maceration pre-fermentative, maximum fermentation temperature 26º C and a slow and well controlled elaboration. No oak aging.

Alcohol: 13.5%

Awards: a

Note: All purchases of alcoholic beverages must be made by persons over the age of 21.