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Axpe Basque Cider 750ml
Axpe Basque Cider 750ml

Axpe Basque Cider 750ml

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Axpe Natural Basque Cider

Jose Antonio Bilbao Ibarlucea is a true Basque, but that’s a mouthful of a name. Axpe (pronounced ash-pay) is what we call the business as well as the light hearted man running it. Axpe’s charm and quick wit are only overshadowed by his innate ability to elaborate superior quality cider and wine. 
Throughout the Basque country, situated in the lush green hills, are cider houses or sidrerias. These are simply large homes with a large hall or room with long tables and an open invitation. Similarly, Axpe has invited us to join him for food, cider, wine and some fun stories at his sidreria.  With an ever present smile, Axpe will grill up a perfectly cooked steak and tell you funny stories about his amazing past. The history-rich land (including ancient cave drawings from his ancestors) on which he grows his apples and grapes is many beautiful shades of green all year long. Maybe this is what keeps him cheerful... or maybe it’s the cider! 

Here's a fun video to show just how fun Axpe is.

Natural apple cider, a tradition that goes back to before the Roman days. The cider made from small tart apples is low in alcohol and is dry. It is traditionally consumed in small amounts but drank quickly, is poured from a minimum height of 12 inches (in the Basque country it’s poured from as high as the server can reach in both directions) into a flat bottomed glass. When done this way, the air mixes with the carbon dioxide of the cider and the characteristics of the cider, such as taste and perfume are very apparent. With practice your bartenders will be asked for cider just for the show. Cider paired incredible well with hard cheeses and meats. The common toast is Txotx (choach)!


Pairing: Hard cheeses, tapas, meats, fish and shell fish.

Alcohol:  6%

Note: All purchases of alcoholic beverages must be made by persons over the age of 21.