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Legado Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  2 500ml bottles plus Spana Bag
Legado Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  2 500ml bottles plus Spana Bag
Legado Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  2 500ml bottles plus Spana Bag
Legado Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  2 500ml bottles plus Spana Bag
Legado Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  2 500ml bottles plus Spana Bag
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Legado Extra Virgin Olive Oil. 2 500ml bottles plus Spana Bag

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Hacienda de Colchado "Legado" 

Legado, as its name suggests (Legacy in English), is the maximum expression of how the producers live for the olive groves, striving to produce the best oil for generations.

This oil is from the early harvest of the Hojiblanca varietal, which is collected mid-October when the olives acquire a yellow tinge which indicates when their color changes from green to black. At this stage of maturity, only a very small percentage of oil is extracted. However, its aroma and flavor as well chemical qualities are tremendous. This is how the best oils are made. This is a fantastic example with a great aromatic complexity and a very high nutritional value due to its high content of natural antioxidants, which are responsible for its bitter and peppery finish. 

Tasting notes for Legado extra virgin olive oil · 2016/2017

Fruity intensity of green olives with great aromatic complexity in which the herbaceous and floral tones stand out. The tomato leaf, the almond blossom and the geranium leaves are noticeably strong. It is very sweet on the palate, slightly bitter and a touch more spicy with a green almond aftertaste. Persistent, rounded and harmonious.

This is one of the best EVOOs we have had. Bright and powerful fresh and spicy with all the character big grassy fruitiness, a good bite at the back of the throat, characteristic of a high quality EVOO. 


Varietal: Hojiblanca

Estate: Malaga 

Region: Andalusia 

Awards: Many


500ml individually numbered beautifully painted bottle with cork stopper.

Push on self sealing pour spout included.

3 time gold award winner.

Extra virgin olive oils are rich in bioactive substances such as polyphenols, tocopherols, squalene, oleic acid and sterols which all make it beneficial to the health. The combination of factors such as the composition of the soil, the age of the olive tree, the altitude, water stress, the early harvest of the olives, the varietal; together with milling at low temperatures below 20ºC, always within two hours of harvesting, make our oils rich in fats and bioactive compounds.

Living a healthy life, taking regular moderate exercise and supplementing a rich and varied Mediterranean diet with extra virgin olive oil can increase our life expectancy. Extra virgin olive oil has a substantial effect on our health as, rich in polyphenols, it has been scientifically proven to give us multiple benefits. Here are 12 of the main ways in which consumption of extra virgin olive oil can improve our health.

1. Extra virgin olive oil effectively prevents heart disease.

2. It is an antioxidant which acts against ageing. Its phenolic compounds present in the oil are what makes it bitter and peppery.

3. It is an anti-inflammatory which does not produce side effects. The oleocanthal, which gives the Hojiblanca variety its peppery finish, has the same anti-inflammatory active ingredient as Ibuprofen.

4. It helps the cardiovascular system improving circulation.

5. It is an efficient controller of cholesterol. It eliminates bad cholesterol LDL and increases good cholesterol HDL.

6. It is a powerful neuroprotective agent which helps prevent diseases such as Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s.

7. It helps to prevent diabetes.

8. Its consumption helps to improve motor behaviour and muscular activity.

9. It is magnificent for lowering blood pressure.

10. It aids the digestive system. Protecting the stomach.

11. It helps reduce the malignancy of breast cancer, slowing down the growth of tumours.

12. It is rich in vitamins and minor compounds like squalene which are of great interest and use in the cosmetic industry. In particular, squalene is used for its antioxidant benefits and is also used as an adjuvant in vaccines, aiding the autoimmune system of the body.


2 500ml bottles with stoppers and a spana bag.